Living Waters Lutheran School COVID-19 Updates

Living Waters will update its COVID-19 protocols as required in response to the emerging situation. Parents and caregivers are asked to check this site after any major announcement from the NT government.


Essential Workers

If a lockdown is declared in Alice Springs, essential workers may still send their children to school if neccesary. Please see the attached factsheet for assistance in knowing if your work is classed as essential. A request for information about which children will need to attend school in the event of a lockdown will be sent home to Living Waters families today.

Law Council of Australia And Australian Medical Australian Essential Services Factsheet

iPads at Home

Parents are reminded that iPads can only be sent home if you have returned the agreement form. Please return these ASAP if you have not done so already.


The NT Government has released the following information for parents and carers. Please continue follow all government guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID through our school.

Information For Parents And Carers


No changes to school expectations. Please continue to follow the government requirements as to isolating after inter-state travel.


Another reminder that visitors to Living Waters should not enter classrooms. If you need to speak to a teacher please email or phone.

Thank you to our families who are doing the right thing and self-isolating as a result of inter-state travel.


There is no change to previous advice.


Living Waters Students

Families are reminded that

  • If your children are sick, please DO NOT send them to school, even if they have not been interstate recently. All children displaying symptoms of illness will be sent home.
  • if you have been in a designated hotspot in the last 14 days, children should not be at school, but should be isolating at home
  • if you have been in metropolitan Adelaide in the last 14 days please check the NT government COVID website for the latest guidelines.
  • If your child needs to self-isolate please notify the school of the absence in the normal way

“data that’s coming from the United Kingdom (indicates) that does seem to be a change in the symptoms associated with the Delta virus. People are reporting more commonly with the Delta virus: headache, persistent cough and sore throat, runny nose and a fever or high temperature. In some ways this is different to what we originally saw, which was more fever, loss of taste and smell, cold symptoms, runny nose, flu-like symptoms, so there is some variation. The important message for everyone is if you have any symptoms at all, however mild, don’t try to work it out for yourself. The important thing is to get tested and stay home until you get your result.” Australian Government Dept of Health:

Visitors coming on campus

Where possible, adults should avoid coming onto campus until the situation settles again

  • Use the Kiss n Go or wait with your vehicle in the carpark
  • Phone in uniform orders or messages

If adults need to come on campus, you must

  • Check in using the NT app even if you are only on site for a minute
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided
  • Social distance

Please do not enter classrooms as it makes our teachers feel awkward if they have to ask you to make your way back outside. Official volunteers should check arrangements with the class teacher