All enquiries and applications for enrolment are to be made to the Principal via the School’s Enrolment Officer. Parents enrolling children are required to attend an interview prior to an enrolment being accepted.

It is also a requirement that prospective students attend an assessment before an appropriate year level is confirmed.

Currently we have a student population of approximately 330, comprising of 14 classes, ranging from Transition to Year 6.

The first year of schooling is called Transition. Our Transition classes have one intake in January. Students are eligible to commence Transition if they are five by the end of June, in the year they are to start school.

Monica O’Connor
Enrolment Officer

Ph. 08 8950 0700
F. (08) 8955 0435
E. monica.oconnor@ntschools.net

Enrolment Enquiry Form

Please highlight: date of birth of the child/s, current year level, school that child currently attends and date of arrival in Australia if you are currently overseas.