Uniform Shop

Uniform shop opening hours

Living Waters school uniforms are available to buy from our front office on Tuesday mornings. You can see our current price list in the link below as well as our current uniform policy. Feel free to call us with questions or to sort out the uniforms you need for your kids to be ready to just pick up and pay.

Tuesday 8.30 am - 9.00 am

Uniform Shop Price List 2021

Email and phone orders are also welcome.

Uniform Requirements

The wearing of school uniform at Living Waters is compulsory for all students

General Uniform



School skort / shorts

School shorts

School polo‑shirt

School polo‑shirt

School rugby jersey or parka or polar jacket

School rugby jersey or parka or polar jacket

School track pant

School track pant

School Hat (plain or reversible)

School hat (plain or reversible)

Summer dress (optional)

School vest (optional)

School vest (optional)

Shoes / Socks (Boys & Girls)

Predominantly white joggers and white socks


In winter black leather shoes (not runners) may be worn with NAVY tights and the summer dress.

Sport Uniform

School shorts/skort

Sports polo shirt in house colour (Larapinta: Blue Albrecht: Yellow Flynn: Red)

Predominantly white sports shoes and white school socks

Sunglasses, dark framed (optional)

Hair & Accessories

Hair should be neatly styled and kept clean;

Hair which is shoulder length and below must be fully tied back;

Hair should be kept out of the face;

Undercuts are not acceptable;

Hair clipper length should be at least a Number 2 which is ¼ inch or 6mm;

Artificial hair colours should be natural in tone;

Ochre, Navy or black ribbons, scrunchies, combs or bands may be worn. (Decorative and fashion items are not acceptable). Plain gold or silver clips and thin black elastic hair ties are also acceptable.

Make –up is not permitted. However, the wearing of lip balm (not lip gloss) is permitted

Sunglasses, dark framed (optional).


Children may wear, with their uniform, a wristwatch and no more than one pair of earrings of plain gold or silver stud or sleeper style for pierced ears – no more than one earring in each ear lobe. A plain chain with a small crucifix (2cm length) is also acceptable. No other jewellery or nail polish will be permitted, with the exception of a Medic Alert Indicator.