1. 13 Aug   2018

    The Lion King Jr - September 21/22 at 7 pm

    The Lion King Jr - September 21/22 at 7 pm

  2. 08 May   2018

    Enrolling for transition 2019

    Enrolling for transition 2019

  3. 24 Feb   2016

    Sid the Seagull flew down from Darwin to Living Waters

    On 24th Wednesday, February we had Sid the Seagull fly down from Darwin to share the important news of the Cancer Council’s 5 S’s campaign-: SLIP on a shirt, SLOP on sunscreen, SLAP on a hat, SEEK shade, SLIDE on sunglasses.

  4. 17 Feb   2016

    Paddy the Platypus

    Do think that I was just as excited as the students to have "Paddy the Platypus" come and visit us at Assembly on Wednesday morning. Paddy is the NTES/SES mascot and, along with Emily and Ian, taught the students about being ready if a storm or flood happened here in Alice Springs and what they and their families need to do.

  5. 20 Nov   2015

    Year 3 are back to the 1930's

    Year 3 at Hartley Street school