1. 22 Jul   2021

    Term 3 Inter-School Sport

    Cross Country years 3-6 Friday 20th August Year 5 inter-school sport is Ultimate Frisbee Year 6 inter-school sport is basketball

  2. 22 Jul   2021

    Term 3 Stay, Play, Learn

    School parents are invited to bring their younger children to Stay, Play, Learn at 9AM on July 28, August 18 and September 15.

  3. 22 Jul   2021

    Year 3 and 4 Swimming

    Year 3 and 4 swimming commences on August 9 for two weeks

  4. 03 Jun   2021

    Living Waters Achieves Eco-Schools Bronze Award

    Eco-Schools is a part of the Keep Australia Beautiful initiative, focused on teaching children to live in an environmentally conscious way. In 2020, Living Waters satisfied the requirements to be certified for the Eco-Schools Bronze Award!

  5. 22 Apr   2021

    Year 4-6 Tennis Experience

    Today the Year 4-6 students participated in a specialist tennis lesson and a team was selected to participate in the inter-school tennis gala day on Wednesday April 28. Good luck to all the students participating in the competition next week!

  6. 12 Apr   2021

    Foundation 2022

    First round offers for Foundation 2022 will be made during term 2 2021.

  7. 12 Apr   2021

    Stay Play Learn

    On selected Wednesday mornings, parents are invited to attend to attend our Stay, Play and Learn sessions with their pre-school aged children.

  8. 12 Apr   2021

    Netball Clinics

    Netball clinics start on May 12th.

  9. 12 Apr   2021

    Term 2 Camps

    Our year 5 and year 6 classes have camps coming up this term.

  10. 12 Apr   2021

    School Canteen

    Our canteen will be reopening in term 2!

  11. 12 Apr   2021

    Sports Carnival

    April 23rd is our first sports carnival for the year.

  12. 31 Mar   2021

    SRC Icy Pole Fundraiser

    During term 1, the SRC and our Student Leaders began our first fundraising activity for the year.

  13. 31 Mar   2021

    Rocket the Rabbit Visits 2B

    Rocket the rabbit is a popular visitor in class 2B.