School Events

  1. 21 Aug - 27 Aug 2021

    Book Week: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

    Bookweek will run 21-27 August

  2. 05 Aug - 06 Aug 2021

    Year 5 Camp

    The year 5 camp will be held at Ooraminna Station on August 5-6

  3. 29 Jul - 30 Jul 2021

    Year 3 Camp

    The Year 3 camp will be held at Ross River on July 29-30

  4. 27 Jul 2021

    School Cross Country Year 3-6

    The school cross country for year 3 to 6 students will be held on Tuesday 27th July.

  5. 24 May - 04 Jun 2021

    Year 1 Swimming Lessons

    The year 1 swimming program commences on May 24. Swimming lessons take place every afternoon for two weeks.

  6. 10 May - 21 May 2021

    Year 2 Swimming Lessons

    The year 2 swimming program commences on May 10. Swimming lessons take place every afternoon for two weeks.

  7. 06 May - 07 May 2021

    Year 6 Camp

    The Year 6 camp was held at Hamilton Downs in Week 3 of Term 2.

  8. 23 Apr 2021

    Term 2 Sports' Day

    Term 2 sports' day allowed our students to stretch their legs, show off their skills and have a bunch of fun!

  9. 31 Mar 2021

    Year 1 Community Service

    After delving into the concept of service and helping one another, Year 1 chose to serve the community by donating food to the local Lutheran Community Care organisation.

  10. 30 Mar 2021

    Easter Bonnet Parade

    The junior primary students enjoyed making and wearing their Easter bonnets in our annual Easter bonnet parade.

  11. 26 Mar 2021

    Interschool AFL Carnival

    Year 5 traveled to Ross Park oval to participate in a primary schools round robin AFL carnival.

  12. 24 Mar 2021

    Harmony Day

    March 21st is Harmony Day! On Harmony Day we wear orange or national costume as part of a worldwide celebration of our diversity.

  13. 18 Mar 2021

    Teddybears' Sleepover

    The Year 1 students used their knowledge of invitational writing to invite their teddy bears to sleepover in their classrooms.

  14. 05 Mar 2021

    Interschool Touch Football Carnival

    On March 5th the Year 6 students attended an interschool touch football competition. The students each played three games. Everyone showed excellent sportsmanship while displaying their new touch football skills.

  15. 24 Feb 2021

    Year 1 Church Excursion

    Year 1 Students have been learning about the features and purposes of a church and used their excursion to the Lutheran and Baptist Churches to find similarities and differences in these places of Worship. They learnt key vocabulary such as pews, lectern, altar, pulpit and baptismal font.