Student Extension

Literature Enrichment

Students are selected from each year level to participate in this challenging programme. Each year level group meets once a week with the Teaching and Learning Support Coordinator and/or an allocated Lutheran Schools Curriculum Officer. Students engage with complex literature, and undertake a variety of activities including text deconstruction (e.g. vocabulary study, character analysis, settings, mood, conflict, genre structure, themes, storyteller’s voice key literary elements such as allegory, allusion & irony) and author studies.

Maths Enrichment

This program is designed specifically for the most mathematically able students in each year level. Activities can include research problems and process design, graphs, data collection, extrapolation, report writing, challenges, algebra and logical sequencing. Students are also provided with opportunities to present their work in a multimodal format to their class.

At Living Waters our policy is to focus on what the child can do. When we have serious concerns about the child’s academic, social or emotional development, we contact qualified professionals who conduct assessments on the child. Sometimes this may result in a diagnosis. In this scenario, parents and the school are provided with recommended strategies to assist the child’s progress.